Cast & Creative Teams

Thief | Cast & Creative Team

Thief, by Liam Rudden
Sailor | Matt Robertson
Alternative Sailor | Stephen Humpage
Alternative Sailor | Jack Elliot
Director | Liam Rudden
Assistant Director | Edward Cory
Soundscape | Erik Grieve
Additional Soundscape | Tomas Gormley
Production Manager | Eric Murdoch
Produced by LRStageworks

Company Photograper | Bill Mackellar
Marketing | Pamela Aldred

Thief premiered on 13 May 2014 at The Marlborough Theatre, Brighton, as part of the Brighton Fringe, where it won the 2014 Latest 7/Brighton Fringe Award for Best Theatrical Performance.

Thief received its Scottish premiere at the Hill Street Solo Theatre, Edinburgh, on 31 July, 2014.

With thanks to the Royal Lyceum Theatre Company, Ocean Terminal, Andrew Thomas Henderson, Michelle Mangan PR,
Flier Design, Travers Design and Footlights Bar.

And I Ran With The Gang | Cast & Creative Team

Written by Liam Rudden
Directed by Wendy Seager
Starring Alan Longmuir

Young Alan | Ewan Petrie
Narrator | John McColl
Various | Ben Storey

Liam Rudden
Artistic Director

Princes Pumpalot | Cast & Creative Team

Written & Produced by Robin Mitchell
Directed by Liam Rudden

Princess Pumpalot | Lindsey Lee Wilson
Guffy | Arron Usher
The King | Edward Cory
The Queen| Donna Hazelton
Prince Nastavia | Brett Herriot
Prince Niceavia | David Mairs
FAQ | Cameron Pirie
Geoffrey the Giraffe / Low-Flying Gnome | Andrew T. Henderson