Award winning writer and director Liam Rudden (Brighton Fringe Best Theatrical Performance Award 2104) is to premiere his first new play in three years at the
2017 Brighton Fringe.

Fallen Angel, a disturbing new supernatural thriller will receive its world premiere at Sweet Venues, St Andrew’s Church, Waterloo Street, Hove, running from 5-13 May (not 11) 2017, at 8pm nightly.

Beat. Beat. Beat. Do you believe in faeries?
Beat. Beat. Beat. Meet Angel, he does, but not the type that play at the end of your garden.
Beat. Beat. Beat. The faeries he has encountered are far more sinister, dark and manipulative.
Beat. Beat. Beat. And he should know, they’ve tortured him for the last 500 years.

Inspired by the age-old legend The Faerie Boy of Leith, Fallen Angel stars Chris O’Mara in his acting stage debut, as Angel, and is a LRStageworks & Aramoc Co production in association with Sweet Venues.

Tickets go on sale from www.sweetvenues.com

March 2017
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Liam Rudden wrote and directed Thief, which won the Brighton Fringe Best Theatrical Performance Award in 2014 and was later invited to appear on Broadway in New York where it was well received.
Previously Liam directed Glenn Chandler’s five-star play Killers, which debuted at the Brighton Fringe in 2013.

His other works include the award-winning Silence In Court, Conflict In Court and the sell-out musical play, I Ran With The Gang: The Story of the Original Bay City Roller.

“Fallen Angel is a piece I have been working on for three year now. Like Sailor, the protagonist in Thief, he is a dark creation and never quite what he appears. The piece is a supernatural thriller… or is it?
“I always knew I wanted a dancer to play the role, but a dancer who could act. When Chris and I met on the set of the film Miser’s Dream earlier this year, I knew I had found the person to bring Angel to life.”
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Chris O’Mara makes his acting stage debut in Fallen Angel.
Chris, who is currently working with Radio 2’s artist in residence Tommy Small and dance company Shaper/Caper on the psycho-sexual horror Cut, is no stranger to acting, however, with film credits that include IronStar film titles BloodLoss, The Clearing and Best Friends Come in Boxes. Chris will also feature in Ironstar’s upcoming sci-fi thriller Tellurian.

Other film work includes Kingdom: Fall of Illandrieal, and the musical movie Miser’s Dream, both due for release shortly.

The 24-year-old dancer-come-actor admits he is fascinated to see who Angel becomes during the rehearsal process and performances.
He says, “The dark, grittiness of the character is enticing, but it’s the evolution of Angel and his story that draws me to this role.
“I welcome challenges, which has allowed Liam to create a unique character that is almost a version of myself from a parallel universe.
“It’s a provocative concept. It’s not everyday you get to play the way Angel does… and get away with it. Not only get away with it, but have an audience silently begging for more, whilst praying you’ll stop.
“That’s a dangerously exciting place for an actor… causing an audience to squirm with both pleasure and disgust.”
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Sweet Venues is dedicated to expanding the view and are more than just a venue space. You’ll find Sweet Venues in cities around the UK with spaces at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Brighton Fringe and in Dundee.
Whether you visit Brighton, Edinburgh or Dundee you’ll find high quality venue spaces with excellent facilities in central locations, programming the very best in local, national and international theatre.
From physical theatre and dance to new drama, you’ll find it all at Sweet.

JD Henshaw, artistic director of Sweet says, “We are as proud as we are excited to be bringing Fallen Angel to premier at Brighton Fringe.
“The opportunity to help produce new work from the Brighton award-winning team behind Thief allows us to promote the core strengths of debuting new theatre at England’s largest arts festival – strong writing, challenging performance, and the joy of working with a company that embodies the ethos of fringe theatre.
“We look forward to introducing our audiences to Angel and his world.”
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