Sleeping Beauty – Written and directed by Liam Rudden
Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh, 21 November 2008 – 3 January 2009

In Musselburgh, it’s Sally’s birthday and she’s ready to celebrate but Grizzlebone, the Wicked Witch of the Glens, has other ideas – she is out for revenge.
Sally is her beautiful niece, and she hates her.
Join in the fun and games as Grizzlebone sets out from her Highland lair intent on tricking the unsuspecting Sally, who lives with her nanny, Nurse Nellie, and best pal Daft Jamie.
Can they keep her safe? And will the handsome Prince know what to do when his services are required?

Count Alucard | Edward Cory
Daft Jamie | Arron Usher
Grizzlebone | Lori McLean
Nurse Nelly | Graham Crammond
Ruby | Jodie Campbell
Sally | Julie Heatherill
Wart | Stuart Ryan

“Liam Rudden’s relatively traditional panto overcomes a paucity of resources with aplomb, showing some leg through the moments in this story which usually represent a sticking point.” – The List