All stand. A court room somewhere… anywhere… nowhere.

Charles Brand, a minister’s son is charged with the rape of Jennifer Lyons. Is he guilty or not guilty? Only you, the jury, can decide as there were no witnesses. As the events leading up to the alleged assault are explored, who will you believe?

Silence In Court is an interactive court room fiction that draws on real life procedures from a number of different legal traditions to create a mock court in which the audience are the jury.
As such you must do as instructed by the judge, as the final decision will be yours.

There are only two verdicts available to you, guilty or not guilty, and you must discuss what you have heard until you have reached a majority decision. It may help to take notes. Feel free to do so.

You will also be given an opportunity to cross examine both complainer and accused.
You must also elect one of your number to be the Foreman of the Jury. Any volunteers? No? Then, debate that too before deciding if Charles Brand is guilty or not guilty?

Inspired by the classic 70’s TV series Crown Court, Silence In Court is produced by the same team behind Cock And Bull Story.

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Images | Bill Mackellar